lens_sun_11192016_1.jpgRey began a lifelong love affair with photography when his brother gave him an ancient Petri rangefinder camera as a child.  From there, Rey purchased a Pentax K1000 SLR and learned how to manually focus and meter for high school and then college sports.  Taking a brief hiatus from photography to start a career and family, he rediscovered it in the form of a digital point and shoot when he loaded his wife and kids into their Honda minivan and drove from the East Coast of the United States to the Pacific Ocean and then back.  That trip changed his life.

Rey is a Catholic deacon, ordained in the Archdiocese of Boston back in 2004.  He focuses his time on parish work, as a Global Fellow for Catholic Relief Services and in the area of health care ministry.

In his spare time, Rey is an avid traveler, hiker, wanderer and daydreamer.  He believes that planning a trip is 80 percent as much fun as being on a trip.  OK, maybe 60 percent.

In his non-spare time, he is a health care executive who frequently travels for work, speaking to business audiences on a variety of topics.  Whenever he books business travel, he searches for nearby photo ops and occasionally gets to see them.

For Rey, this website will largely be an exploration of beauty, whether that can be found in the furthest reaches or in his hometown.  Additionally, this website will serve as a platform to store homilies and other related writings.


Hello there, my name is Joey.

Photography is major part of my life, it has been since I was a young boy. I work for a school in their communications department and handle all of their digital media needs. My shooting style is slow and methodical; I enjoy manually focusing, and selecting my aperture and shutter speed. I love the 35mm focal length, perhaps that’s why I am so devoted to Fujifilm’s x100 line of cameras.

I hope you enjoy viewing my photographs. I’ve been inspired by the work of photographers such as: Vivian Maier, William Albert Allard, and Michael Kenna. If I can positively affect one person out there, then I will be happy!


Here’s a sampling of our photography…


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