Guest Bloggers

We are inviting others to share posting duty here on  They have been selected because they share our vision and because they have a unique gift for exploring the beauty of faith.  We hope you’ll agree.



Deacon Alan Doty

Hello, this is Deacon Alan Doty. I will be an occasional guest writer here on Composing Catholic.

I was ordained as Deacon in September 2017 and am assigned to the same parish collaborative as Rey. My wife and I have three children in their 20’s.

My interests are in science, the business of science, and exploring the intersection of science and faith. Mostly I just struggle to see and listen to the world through the eyes and ears of faith and occasionally to share what I have seen and heard.

Having been ordained only a short time my preaching style is still evolving, and I thank Rey and Joey for inviting me to share some of my homilies here on Composing Catholic.