Always, Always Have a Camera With You


5:41am: Alarm goes off.

5:44am: Morning medicines, brushing teeth.

5:53am: Standing outside in my underwear, coaxing my dog to urinate.

5:56am: Feed her breakfast, feed myself breakfast.

6:05am: Shower.

6:13am: Put on a tie and make sure my hair looks just a little less ‘homeless’ than it did the day before.

6:20am: Time for a quick game of fetch.

6:30am: Pack my lunch and double-check the wall charger to see if I did indeed grab my second battery.

6:31am: Goodbye Bailey.

6:33am: … I can see an amazing sunrise across the street from my neighborhood, but I’m running late.

6:35am: Pull over my ’06 Impreza and dash further along the torn up road.

6:37am: Attach my 14mm and compose the shot.

6:38am: Press the shutter.

6:55am: Time for a quick coffee stop.

7:37am: …And I’m late to work.

Although that particular morning’s commute was a stressful drive for me, I don’t regret taking those extra few minutes to capture the photograph featured above. You never know when something beautiful may flutter into your life – be ready.

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