Picture of His First Prayer

pregnancy_03042017_1I don’t know why I photograph anymore. I don’t remember what it feels like to make something artistic. I don’t see the world like I use to. I don’t feel like my feet are on the right path anymore.

And then she asked me to take this image, and I think I may have glimpsed what I’ve been looking for out of the corner of my eye. Photographs should elicit emotions from us; they should help us remember, help us feel something. Lately, my photos have been lifeless, commercial, or athletic in nature. I miss photographing my friends, I miss photographing my travels, I miss photographing my perceptions of those around me.

This photograph is of rosary beads on my pregnant sister’s belly. The beads are for the baby, the photograph is for the parents.

I think I know why I photograph again…

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