First Impressions of the Fujifilm X100F

I, like many others, believe that a camera should function like an extension of one’s eye – for without this quality, how can it accurately do its owner’s bidding? x_04062017_2Personally at times, I find that decisions regarding gear, specifically which gear to use in a certain circumstance, interfere with my ability to create photographs that I am pleased with. That obstacle is overcome when I only have the X100F in my bag, because of its streamlined approach to photographing.

I, like many others, expect a high level of performance out of my X100 series camera and the X100F has really shattered my expectations. The new 24.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III sensor provides the perfect amount of detail and low-noise performance while the X-Processor Pro image processor makes the camera feel quick and snappy.

I, like many others, have owned an X-series camera prior to purchasing the X100F. Thus my knowledge of Fuji’s interface is pretty comprehensive. The X100F was ready to be shot with the moment the battery reached a full charge. x_04062017_3The first time I lifted the camera to my left eye, I immediately noticed that Fujifilm has wisely changed the layout to single-hand shooting. No more can a small row of four buttons be found adorning the area to the left of the LCD screen. The layout is very similar to the X-Pro2 in fact.

I, like many others, was (and still am) drawn to the X100 series of cameras because of the exterior manual controls, slow and deliberate style of shooting it demands, and light weight. Although many will simply set one of the function buttons to accomplish this task, I personally welcome the addition of a dedicated ISO manual control. Again, similar to the X-Pro2, the X100F’s shutter speed dial doubles as a mechanical ISO selector. x_04062017_4I know some people are frustrated with this dial saying that it is too cumbersome to use. Frankly, due to my slower-style of shooting, I don’t mind it, but I can appreciate the criticism.

I, like many others, am continually amazed by Fujifilm’s low-light performance, and the X100F is no outlier. I had no reservations bringing my new X100F to an awards dinner I recently photographed, and it handled the job with ease.

I, like many others, enjoy playing around with Fuji’s film simulators and was excited to see a few of the new ones make their way over to the X100 series. The X100F now has everyone’s favorite – Acros. In professional settings, I don’t see myself utilizing these simulators, but they are a hoot to experiment with.

These are only my first impressions, as I have only had this camera for a week, but I can say one thing with absolute certainty…

x_04062017_1I, unlike many others, feel so confident in the X100F, that I just sold my X-Pro2 and all of my Fujifilm lenses. As a professional photographer whose only source of income is photography, this may be seen as a risky decision, but I am certain that I will create many beautiful images with my new X100F!

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive look at the new X100F and a number of videos showcasing my travels and adventures with the Fujifilm X100F.

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