Make Your Own Photograph

candleHaven’t we all wanted to post a picture to social media and see the likes compile one after another? I know I most definitely have. Oftentimes I find myself lamenting the less than ideal shooting conditions outside my front door and before I know it, I haven’t posted anything of note to my account. Sometimes we have to make our own photographs out of everyday items and lighting. I’m sure someone reading this is thinking to herself, “I make all of my own photographs.” Yes, there are definitely times when beauty presents itself to us, like a sunset or a flower with rain drops shimmering on its petals. But sometimes we have to look at the ordinary and depict it as extraordinary. This photograph was taken one day when I realized that I hadn’t posted anything interesting in weeks. I looked around my room and spotted the “Christmas Cookie” candle I was burning on a table. I turned off the lights to heighten the impact of the warm light emanating from the candle. All I needed was a subject. I placed my fingers behind the light source and took the photograph with my remaining hand.

Is this photo going to change the world? No, but I like it, and so did my followers. Whenever I see it, I am reminded of the creative idea I had and the delicious smell of christmas cookies wafting through my room.

Next time you scroll through your social media page and realize you need to post something new, don’t feel dependent on the weather or your location. Look around you, play with light, and make a photograph. Show your followers how you see the world around you!

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