How Are We Suppose to Become Invisible?

kiss_110214_1Street photography is hard – plain and simple; taking stealthy pictures of people in a public place is a challenge even for the most skilled photographers on the planet. How are we suppose to become invisible and capture precious moments without being noticed?

I have found that trying to capture an intimate moment with a clunky dslr is near impossible. The closest I have ever come to complete photographic anonymity was in Rome. The streets were packed and the city thrummed with a constant energy. Nobody looked at me, and nobody noticed my small mirrorless camera.

I love this photograph because every time I look at it, I am reminded of how serendipitously I stumbled upon this couple kissing. There are literally hundreds of people featured in this image, yet the light from the setting sun perfectly illuminates the couple. They are oblivious to the word around them, and so I was able to bring my camera up to my eye and snap a quick shot. I am not a street photographer, but whenever I have the chance to dabble in the discipline, I am often times rewarded with a beautiful moment like this one.

I have to remember to dabble more often,

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