Golden Hour

“Photos graphe,” or light drawing, can sometimes say more about the photographer than it does about the scene being captured.

Have you ever looked at a photograph online, one that depicts a stunning landscape with emerald colored canopies or oceans of vivid blue? Have you ever seen a portrait where the subject’s eyes are illuminated with a sparkle? I have, and I think we are all conditioned to think to ourselves, “wow that person got lucky,” or “I wish I had the camera that person had.” This is foolishness. More often than not, a stunning photograph is indicative of an artist’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to her/his craft.

Boston sunrise

There is a time of day when the light stretches across the earth, gilding everything it touches in a golden glow. Photographing during this time can create truly breathtaking images, but it can be hard to predict. There are some who plan out weather patterns and try to anticipate the golden hour, while others simply stumble across it. I would like to say that I tend to be the former, but in reality, usually I’m the latter. This image was taken during the most intense golden light I’ve ever been fortunate enough to experience. I took it from a top floor of a Boston skyscraper. The cars, the water, the buildings, everything seems to be dipped in molten gold!

I look at this image and it reminds me to make an effort when it comes to taking photographs. The best photographers rise early, stay up late and are planners. They don’t stumble upon golden hour, they seek it out! I hope to be more intentional with my landscape photography. 

So, how about you? Does interesting light find you, or are you out there finding it yourself?

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