Summer in High Key

Rey Spadoni-0329-wm

Rey Spadoni-0325-wm

An atypical day for July on Cape Cod.  High breeze, monotone sky, Autumn temps.  This beach, typically jammed this time of year, was desolate, bare.  A few walked along the shoreline, seagulls careened with the pulsating gales.  Somber, no fun here.

Eventually, near a winding tidal pool, I spotted two boys playing with a small wave board and another attempting to skim the approaching surf.  These images are the result of my observation.

Bringing them into Lightroom, I was left with flat, depth-less images which was largely a function of the weather and conditions.  So, rather than let my post-processing try to combat that, I decided to accentuate it.  If you can’t beat ’em…

I pulled down contrast and pushed the highlights a bit as well as opened up the exposure closer to high key… though not quite there.  My goal was to try to emphasize the  dour mood of the day.  Which, in reality, was quite the opposite of the mood of these young boys.

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