Fuji’s 56mm: The Perfect Portrait Lens

Sharp – check.
Gorgeous bokeh – check.
Accurate and pleasing color rendering – check.
Fujifilm’s 56mm f/1.2 just might be the perfect portrait lens.


For about a year now, my go to portrait set up has been a Canon EOS 5D III, with a 70-200mm f/2.8 or a Canon 50mm f1.4. Full frame cameras have shallower depth-of-field and Canon’s sensors render skin tones beautifully. I recently purchased Fuji’s 56mm to pair with my X-Pro2 for a wedding I will be shooting this weekend and decided to bring it in my camera bag to a portrait shoot I did in the park. I was blown away by the results!


This wasn’t the first time I’d shot with the 56mm; my father has owned the lens before and I’ve used it on a couple of shoots. I’d always thought it was a good lens, but I’d never really put it through its paces in a professional setting.


The images that the lens produces are very pleasing. The colors are rich and the lens is very sharp – even at f/1.2! The bokeh is creamy and beautiful, perfect for head shots and portraits. My clients were extremely happy with the images that I gave them.


From a shooting perspective, the focus ring is very smooth and the aperture ring doesn’t budge easily, which I like. The lens focuses quite well and is razor sharp. It’s not too heavy and balances well on my X-Pro2.

I am very happy with the 56mm f/1.2. I’m excited to use it at the wedding this Saturday. Stay tuned for more images from the 56mm!


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