I will never get rid of this camera!

Photo by Joey Spadoni

Despite all the internet blather posts (I’m not talking about Joey’s recent one here) about the fact that cameras and gear don’t matter much to photographic pursuit (many of which also include inducements to buy a new camera or some other piece of kit), I would have to say that most photographers I know like equipment.  It’s part of the fascination.  Part of the hobby.  As such, I’ve been known to spin the dial and sample up the new.

But there’s one type of camera that I never get rid of.  Currently, it’s the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 which replaced a trashed TS1.  For these, it’s never pure image quality, never features, never even usability that drive me.  It’s the fact that these things are indestructible.  You threw them into a pocket and forget about them, save for making sure the battery is full.


Mine have gone underwater snorkeling, to the beach in high splash conditions, out in stormy conditions, have been dropped from high heights onto concrete, left in freezing conditions and alternatively sat upon a bookshelf forgotten for months.  It’s my Alfred E. Neuman what-me-worry camera.  And I’ll never part with it.  Until it breaks, as my TS1 did in Mexico, in which case I’ll quickly order another.  I won’t check specs, consult forums, read reviews.  I’ll just order another.  What-me-worry?

And in the end, it nabs the shot too.

Rey Spadoni-1020195-wm2011-08-22_P1020196_©Rey_Spadoni-wmRey Spadoni-1010989-wm

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