The new Lightroom CC? Let’s just say I’m evaluating Luminar 2018


I was excited by the promise of a new, faster, cloud optimized, and device independent Adobe Lightroom CC.  And though many decried the loss of some features, I was actually enticed by the streamlined interface.  Their inclusion set was pretty close to my own workflow.  And though I don’t love the notion of a subscription based service, now I could more easily justify the concept because it included 1 terabyte of cloud storage.  All my images available everywhere and via a consistent, even browser-based, interface?  Yeah, I’m in.

Unfortunately, my experience was not a good one.  You are allowed a one-time conversion of your library structure from Classic CC to CC.  Part way through, I got an error message saying the conversion could not proceed.  When I exited away from the error message, I found I was subsequently informed that I had one shot at it and that that one shot was in the rearview.  I consulted the internet and found several suggested workarounds.  None worked.

So, I decided to essentially start anew.  All my organizational structure was lost but I was game for a re-do.  So, I re-did.  The photos made it across, albeit without any organization.  Still though, I figured I could recover from the aggrevation.  I was wrong.

I found the reliability to be sub-par.  Often, my workspace would go dark.  No images to be found.  Logging off from my Creative Cloud subscription and then logging back in seemed to do the trick.  But what an annoyance.  Also, fairly frequently, a double click on an image to render it larger than the thumbnail view resulted in a black screen.  Nothing there.  Finally, on a few occasions, the program crashed.  In summary: it’s rushed to market, not ready for prime time, bush league.  Sorry Adobe, but that’s what this is.

Enter Luminar 2018, the non-subscription program that works as an extension (and standalone) from Apple Photos.  Digital asset management capabilities are coming next year.  The image above was processed with this filter-centric and very full featured image editing program.  And so far so good.  I’ll be using this exclusively (Lightroom fully removed from my hard drive) and will keep you posted.

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