Attempt 2 – Turkeys in a Tree


I had to remind myself this morning, as I was heading out to Starbucks for my morning iced coffee, to turn around and grab my camera. I bundled myself up, head to toe, in the thickest, warmest garb I could scavenge. X100f in hand, I borrowed my sister’s car and departed down the snow-covered road. Not five minutes later, I came across a rafter (a group of turkeys) in the middle of the road. There had to be 30 of the wild birds! I brought the car to a halt and waited as they encircled my vehicle. It was really quite enjoyable just to watch them walk around, pecking at bits of leaves in the road. And then, a number of them took flight, soaring up into a nearby tree! I didn’t know turkeys flew so high.

Although it took me longer to get my morning coffee than I had expected, I enjoyed taking this image of the turkeys in a tree nonetheless.

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