Attempt 8 – Mentor

It was said by Lieutenant Commander Jon Fussell, US Navy SEAL, “Be a teammate first, build out a network of mentors, and never lose sight of the big picture.” When I heard him say this, I was especially struck by his insistence on the significance to have mentors. I feel extremely blessed; I have many wonderful people in my life who are open and insightful. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without them.

Today, I met for coffee with my distinguished uncle. UE as I call him (Uncle Ed), is a business man, a photographer, a father and a friend to many. I look up to him and have a great deal of respect for the values he aspires towards and the virtue with which he carries himself. He is confident, articulate, loving and supportive to those who need his help. We discussed many things and I feel a little bit wiser for having shared in a conversation with him.

That being said, if I could change one thing about UE, it would be this: next time, let me buy the coffee!

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