A Prayer of Protection for Those Vulnerable to Being Trafficked

human trafficking

Our God, we ask you to draw alongside all at risk today
Of being convinced by false hope, empty promises and manipulative lies
From those they trust or want to trust
Because the now holds too little hope to feel safe.

Strong defender and watchful friend, we ask you to protect all at risk today
Of being drugged or forcibly taken
By those they know or do not know
Who seek to use them for profit.

All-seeing, all-knowing, all powerful God, we long to see your justice come
Confuse the wicked and frustrate their plans
So those who have few friends and little opportunity
Are prevented from falling into the wrong hands.

We long for today to be a day where no one is taken prisoner
No one is bought or sold
And no one is taken far from home
Or trapped by a false dream that quickly becomes a nightmare.

Almighty protector, we ask these things in your precious, rescuing name.


Prayer courtesy of Catholic Health Association

I just had an opportunity to meet three young women who are recent victims of human trafficking.  It opened my eyes.  It trampled my heart.

First, I’ll add that I certainly knew of the human trafficking problem.  I read the stats, I took in the personal stories, I knew.  Still though, it all felt foreign, far away.  As though as long as I stayed away from over there, you know… the wrong side of the tracks… then this wouldn’t impact me or those I love.

But the three young women, beautiful lives filled with so many of the same hopes and aspirations of those I know from this side of the tracks, convinced me otherwise.

They were stolen from their lives, tricked, trapped, manipulated.  And this happens right here, nearby, close to home.

I left the small room where I heard their stories feeling crushed and as though my comfortable blinders had been ripped off of my eyes and the bright light was piercing right through me now.

Three young women, beautiful lives.  Deserving of optimism, peace, and love.  Longing for hope.

Please pray for victims of human trafficking.

More to come on this topic on these pages…

One comment

  1. Hi Rey.
    Loved your prayer..,I ,too am deeply concerned about human trafficking,,
    I am always asking God to send Help to those who have fallen victim.
    I join you in this prayer.
    St.Michael.free them…


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