To be the Faith, Hope and Love


It’s a simple but powerful prayer: to ask for an increase in faith, hope and love.  Taken at their core, they are all essential to pursing a life in Christ, to fulfilling a mission of returning to the one who created us in love.  This mission, this quest, is fueled by faith, hope and love.  Is impossible without in fact…

Yet we hold dearly as Christians that the messiah came to serve, not to be served (Matthew 20:28) and that the beatitudes contain a message about a life well lived (Matthew 5:3-12), that is one that is directed toward others.  One directed to those who are hungry, who are poor, who are meek.

The visual of a savior being born to poor peasants in a barn house or cave, the image of a king being nailed to crossbeams of wood, the irony of salvation coming in the form of sacrifice to others…

… leads me to suggest that an appeal for an increase in faith, hope and love may be only half of the prayer.  The other half should be that:

We live as a model of faithfulness for others to observe…

We offer hope to those who are without it…

We showcase Christ’s overwhelming love for us by loving others…

The second half of the prayer is that we ourselves may be an answer to the prayer of another.  That we may become the faith, hope and love.


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