Psalm 29:11 – A prayer for when we worry

May the Lord give strength to his people

May the Lord bless his people with peace

“We go to bed at night, heads swirling with things that need to be done, worries, problems to solve, all manner of concerns.  We lie awake, spinning schemes to save, to solve, to win, to get ahead.  And sleep is sometimes an elusive stranger even though your scriptures promise that you give your loved ones sleep.  We confess, O Lord, that we can’t stop thinking that it is all up to us.  We can’t lay down our burdens at your feet because we do not yet trust.  Give us that peace that soothes and calms but is beyond our understanding.  And let us lie down and rise up with this peace as our constant companion.”

~Charles Cammarata, Lighting the Flame

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