Human trafficking, a prayer


Merciful God,

Each and every day you remind us that slavery has no place in our world.

Bring comfort and healing to those suffering at the hands of human traffickers, and all those who bear the scars of modern-day slavery.

Guide us in our work to end this growing crime that threatens not only individuals and they very fabric of family life, but also the basic values of society.

Teach us to tear down our walls of fear and indifference that prevent us from seeing the silent victims of modern-day slavery living anonymously in our communities.

Help us to be aware of our surroundings and to remain vigilant of all who prey upon the innocent.

Grant us the courage to be your defenders of human dignity and to show compassion to the suffering flesh of your Son, revealed in the faces of the exploited.

With each sunrise and each sunset, may we commit to rejecting any part of this injustice.  Amen

~Education of Justice, a project of Center of Concern

As human trafficking continues to be a supremely important issue with an estimated 20 million victims worldwide, St. Josephine Bakhita (1869-1947), enslaved during her own childhood, has emerged as a patron not only for her home country of Sudan, but for all victims of trafficking.

St. Josephine was kidnapped and sold into slavery at the age of 7, undergoing immense suffering throughout her adolescence before discovering the faith in her early 20s. She was baptized, and after being freed entered the Canossian Sisters in Italy.

Feb. 8, St. Josephine’s feast day, marks the fourth international day of prayer and reflection against human trafficking.

~Catholic News Agency excerpt By Hannah Brockhaus

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