Attempt 44 – On to the Next One


For those who do not know, I am four months into a year-long challenge. Last October, I set out to read every published work by American legend, Mr. David McCullough.

Mr. McCullough spoke at the school where I work and although I did not know him then, his words still resonated with me. Winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, Mr. McCullough is one of our country’s most distinguished and gifted historians.

Today, I finish Truman, a presidential biography about the American Cincinnatus, a man called upon to fill the enormous shoes of FDR, a man who fought in World War I, ended World War II, and oversaw the beginning of the police action in Korea. I am sad to finish it. But, as one door closes, another opens. And so, I begin on The Wright Brothers.

Mr. McCullough is my hero and his books have changed my life.

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