A dose of awesomeness

Admittedly off the beaten path for ComposingCatholic.com, I’m writing today about a cover band from Russia called Leonid & Friends.

I was never a huge fan of Chicago though I certainly know their playlist of hits as well as anyone of my generation.  By the time I discovered them in my youth, Terry Kath, their original leader, had passed away and the band was on to syrup-ier fare.  Still though, I’d listen when those songs came on the radio and happily tapped my foot to the guitar hooks and infectious horn accompaniments.

Enter Leonid & Friends.  Somehow, they popped up in one of my social feeds and… well, stuck to me like glue.

They cover Chicago tunes and recently released an album of songs on iTunes.  I snapped it up and have been wearing it thin everywhere I go.

Their covers have helped me realize the genius of Chicago.  And their versions are sound recording and engineering masterpieces in my opinion.  They are true musicians, artists, and yeah… they rock.

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