After the 365


Four months ago today, I posted the conclusion of my 365 day project (take and then post one shot per day) – see here.  And Joey is a little over 10% of the way through his.  The question keeps roaming through my head: should I start another?  Short answer: probably yes.

First though, the confession.  When it was done, I was relieved.  In a small way, I felt freedom.  Freedom from having to constantly scour my surroundings, having to always need to scan my line of sight for that one postable shot from the day.  Freedom from publicizing my whereabouts, my activities, and in the case of that particular 365 days… all of the many highs and lows I experienced.  It was a visual and public journaling and it wasn’t always comfortable.  When it was done, the sigh of relief was a loud one.

But this morning, as I made my way to the office in a heavy mist caused by unseasonably warm weather in this northeastern February, I recalled that must-shoot-must-post mindset.  And I missed it.

The mist fell low upon the farmlands, the cascading hills, the trees.  Ah, the trees.  I have tens of thousands of photographs of trees in my library, 98% of them not worth saving.  But I save them.  They are reminders of the treasured memories, of hikes in beautiful places, of excursions through the hardships offered by the outside, and of the rewards of persistence.  They are also symbols of all of the very easily forgotten ventures through woodland which are worth remembering simply because of the cues they provide me now as I sit in front of a computer in an office park.  They are mementos of freedom.  Not the freedom of a project completed but the freedom of the outdoors.  Of the air.  Of the breeze… or chill… or rain… or thirst… or physical struggle…

It’s freedom.

Today, I saw shadows and silhouettes of these souvenirs in my path.  I wanted to reach for the camera I knew was not there.

The trees.  They called to me.  It was a beckoning.

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