The many forms of desert


I’ve been using the new Lightroom CC which has an intelligent search feature.  It’s most helpful for those of us with less than stellar track records in terms of properly tagging photos in our libraries.  As I prepared to post yesterday (see here), I went looking for a desert photograph.  Seeing the search box atop my Lightroom application, I thought I’d give it a go.  Up came 777 images which the software believed conformed to the search criteria, which was simply “desert”.  A few observations:

  1. I’ve been to the desert many times.
  2. I’ve taken a lot of pictures there.
  3. The Lightroom intelligent search feature is uncannily accurate.
  4. There are many forms of desert.

For example, the above shot was taken in Monument Valley, full of sandstone buttes and orange rock and gravel.

This image below, similar to yesterday’s post, was taken in the fair colored Mesquite Sand Dunes of Death Valley.

Rey Spadoni-0353

In this area of Death Valley, there’s very little vegetation, whereas in Joshua Tree National Park, there’s plenty of… well… Joshua trees.

Rey Spadoni-06299-Edit

Alternatively, there’s the Mars-like Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada which is very aptly named.


Different deserts, different terrains, rock formations, plant-life, coloration.

Kind of makes me want to get out there again soon and start on photos numbered 778+…

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