What do you see?

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In our small community group last weekend, we read Mark Chapter 3.

During the Easter season, we are to consider what we make of this Resurrection, of Easter itself.  Many of us celebrated the fact, stood in churches holding small, white candles, sang “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”, shook each other’s hands and offered a hearty “Happy Easter!” to each other as we departed.  We celebrated it.

But here, afterwards… what do we actually make of it.

In Mark 3, several gathered and watched Jesus heal a man with a withered hand.  That man was transformed.  Watching this, some walked away changed forever.  But others were only empowered in their disdain.  Verse 6 reads: “The Pharisees went out and immediately took counsel with the Herodians against him to put him to death.”

One scene, one event.

Some drawn to faith, others to hatred.  Some to love, others to sin.  There were probably more who were not moved or motivated at all by what they witnessed.

A miracle.

The Resurrection.

What do you see?

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