Workday side-stepping


Desk job, yeah.  Desk job.

If one more person stuck their head in and said: “Beautiful day out there” or “wow, it’s hot outside” as I squinted into the glowing liquid crystal propped up onto my desk…

A few hours later, as I departed an external meeting, I looked at the phone to see that my later afternoon commitment had vanished.

Decisions, decisions.

Back to the hospital to gouge out a chuck of my inbox?  Or…

I recalled being told by her about a nearby stream and falls, about how it could make for a lovely afternoon stroll.  Fortunately, my Fujifilm X-E3 was within an easy grab and so leather wingtips, crisped up business suit and I headed for the stroll.

90 degrees. Hadn’t expected that.  Flies of some sort circling my sweating brow.  Hadn’t expected that.

But she was indeed right.  Lovely.  Afternoon.  Stroll.

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