Blogging: When old is new again


Welcome back blogging – an article by C.J. Chilvers.

I read this some time ago and bookmarked it to see how I’d feel after another six months of blogging.  My current conclusion: he’s on to something.  Blogging is cool again.

Bottom line is that social media is becoming yesterday’s blah blah blah partly because in our current world, sustainability is ever more elusive (we’re all in search of the new new thing) and all the privacy concerns are creating a cumulative and collective caution.  It was innovative when it was first noted that free isn’t really free.  They’re mining our info, they’re selling our contact information and they’re counting on us for their ad revenue potential.  Today, everybody get’s that.

But blogging on a platform (hopefully one that’s paid for) is much closer to freedom from this aggravation.

So, we blog.

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