Attempt 221 – Now I Understand


I recently went back and read the post I wrote when I started my 365 day project. It was almost like I needed to remind myself what this project was all about. Before this, I was never really a consistent blogger. I simply didn’t think that routine posting was all that important and that instead, I should post when I had something to say. But far too often, I would go long periods of time without sharing anything.

When my Dad did his 365 day project, there were some photos that I didn’t think were as good as others. From the outside, it can seem like taking one photograph a day isn’t that hard. Now that I have been doing it, I understand something. There are simply days that your photography just isn’t a part of and that is okay. This photograph is one I took late at night before bed. Its value to me is not in its composition or its beauty, but rather in the fact that I was bothered and that I posted it.

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