one by one by 6


As per its sign, this is the Unitarian Society of Fairhaven (Massachusetts).

I’ve been noticing churches lately.  This one struck me as I passed by it’s silhouetted frame against the late summer burning sky.  The notion of Sauron’s eye and the Black Gate of Mordor popped into my mind.

Quick editor’s note: I set out to do this as a 100 image project.  Lately, I’ve been thinking that this is a self-imposed threshold, a limit I included at launch.  It wasn’t pre-pondered, rather it was almost more of an impulsive number thrown out into the post.  In hindsight, I think 30 would have been a better target.  I’m inclined to continue conceptually but probably with a different style or theme after 30.  Will keep you posted…

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