A bunch of new cameras were just announced and I would like to try all of them… yes, every single one of them


I was a Nikon shooter for a long, long time but grew weary of waiting for them to develop a serious mirrorless system, so I moved on.  With the announcement of the Z6 and Z7 siblings, I think I should jump on it.

I have become fond of smaller micro four thirds cameras but always wished for a larger sensor so that the image quality could match the capabilities of the bodies and lenses.  Panasonic is moving into full frame mirrorless so that’s the one for me.

Canon’s ergonomics and skin tones have always appealed so with the new full frame EOS now coming, man that looks enticing.

And as a Fujifilm rangefinder fan, I look at the new medium format Fujifilm rangefinder and think: how can I justify the cost of that sweet thing?

But alas, I am tethered to a Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and just a few prime lenses.  We stood at the altar, said our vows and well now nothing can separate us.

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So, how is this little experiment going?  The one where I commit to one body and just a few short range prime lenses and then see what I can do with them?  Repeat, for someone prone to lending an ear to any marketeer who stands on a box to pontificate about how much I have to have whatever it is they’re hawking… how is it going?

Well, in a word… pretty darn good.  It’s liberating to feel the constraint of the promise, to know up front that it doesn’t matter what Nikon, Panasonic, Canon or Panasonic just announced… it just doesn’t matter.

So, I shoot with the X-Pro2 and a 12mm or 23mm lens.  I walk around, wishing I could zoom in to capture the bird in flight, wishing I could rack in and out as I stroll about looking for close subjects and far subjects all at the same time, wishing I had a flippy LCD screen for above or below angle shots, wishing, wishing and wishing.

Eventually, the chase becomes exhausting and the lie becomes exposed.  The new cameras won’t help, won’t make a difference.  They will just become a temporary distraction.

Better to grab the one body and few lenses and go out for walk…

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