Inspired to ‘Be an Outsider’

Photo by Joey Spadoni

A message from Rey:

I’ll admit it – I was inspired by a TV commercial.  LL Bean is running a “Be an Outsider” campaign and it’s gotten to me.  The general idea is that outside is the place to be and one particular television spot, featuring a family and/or friends playing baseball out in the rain, reminded me of the times when I wanted to do something outdoors but inclement weather spoiled the fun.  The inspiration of this ad is that bad weather need not kill the buzz.  So, with that in mind, Joey and I headed out.

Oh, and here’s the LL Bean ad…

A message from Joey:

I really didn’t want to miss it. The beautiful colors of autumn are fleeting and waiting just one more week might be one week too late. So with that in mind, my Dad and I woke up early and drove west. Although we didn’t encounter the rich reds and oranges of an iconic New England fall, we did have a lot of fun and got some great images!


Here are our images in successive slideshows.  As Joey noted, the colors weren’t what we had hoped for… but we made the best of it anyways.

From Joey:

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From Rey:

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