An Autumn Walk

Rey says… Conventional wisdom suggests that a mid-focal zoom (something along the lines of a 24-70 or 24-120) is the perfect walk-around lens.  Add a wide angle and then a telezoom and you’re all set – you possess the entire range.  But I’ve been increasingly finding that my ideal walk-around kit is the wide itself.  The Fujifilm 10-24 is an under-appreciated lens as the company has released a few primes in that range as well as the new 8-18.  Though I’ve bemoaned on these pages the fact that the 10-24 isn’t weather-sealed, I actually have found it to be a highly capable, versatile lens for everyday use.  10mm gets you to respectably wide (15mm in full frame speak) while 24mm gets you to a comfortable 35mm (again, in full frame).  I put this to the test during an impromptu jaunt with Joey recently and appreciated the flexibility of one lens for everything.

Joey says… When it comes to using just one lens for everything, I don’t hesitate to grab my trusted Fujifilm 16mm f1.4. With a break in the rainy weather, we made our way to a lovely audubon and soaked in the fleeting beauty of autumn. From long-exposure photographs of water to observational images, the 16mm delivered, as it so often does. For me though, the biggest take away from the afternoon’s adventure was this – walk more. There is something about the repeated, rhythmic nature of walking that can be soothing. I found my mind to be calmer post-walk. Even though the leaves will soon be buried beneath several feet of ice and snow, I plan to make walking, camera in hand, a regular occurrence.

Joey’s images:


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Rey’s images:


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