No Photographs Here, Please

It’s a trap, it’s my excuse.

When I’m on the street, camera shielding my face, and observing… I easily forget many of the social conventions. Example: don’t stare at people. It’s just not polite.

But through a viewfinder, I examine the boundaries, the edges, push them. I look at framing. It’s part of composing. It’s the art.

Because I lean toward the technical and have been more recently exploring the art, I get lost in it sometimes.

Case in point. This merchant did not much care for my taking photographs of his cart. My sequential images show his increasing agitation. This one was captured just before his verbal warning. Clearly, I missed the non-verbal ones.

So, as I was lost in it, thinking of framing and composition, I completely missed the fact that he was actually my subject.

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