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Are we in the midst of a backlash?

Some bemoan the negative psychological impact of social media, others are concerned about the mining of private data, while there are those who worry about the long-term viability of some of the platforms… even the bigger ones.

Recent data breaches and aggressive maneuvers by some companies in this space have given rise to these concerns.

Well, we’re not sure where it’s all headed but we do know that we are not mining any data here, we won’t spam our readers with unwanted messages and we are not seeking to monetize your eyeballs. This is a labor of love.

We have noticed that the number of subscribers to the blog is starting to grow. Thank you to those of you who have subscribed.

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Again, thank you for being part of the site. We are hoping to expand content and continue to focus on the convergence of beauty, art, love and faith.

Be well.

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