Project 2: Classic Chrome


An integral part of this 52 Projects Project is that I try to stick to the theme as best I can all week.  For a week concentrating on using one style of photography, namely the Fujifilm Classic Chrome film emulation (based off of the classic Kodachrome film stock), I found myself at times surprised by the subtle differences between this look and the camera’s standard color and contrast leanings.  At other times, I bemoaned my inability to try something more saturated (Velvia) or much, mush less (Acros).  But I survived it.

And in the process, I came to appreciate the somewhat nostalgic, sometimes melodramatic rendering of this style.  There was something slightly dreamy about the images, something even surreal.

Here are the rest of the images:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, I became more a fan of the simulation than before the exercise.  Still though, I’m happy to nudge the dial forward to the next Project.


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