Project 4: Grainy Black & White

I learned a few things this past week, completing Project 4: Grainy Black & White.

First, it’s too broad a theme so I need to narrow down further in the future. Grainy B&W portraiture is not the same thing as grainy B&W still life or landscapes. Too vast and as a result, I was all over the place. The goal here is to “see” a certain way for an entire week and then to pull together a gallery of shots that hangs together somehow. As you’ll see, these really don’t.

Also, there are a lot of different kinds of “grainy B&W” treatments. From stark contrast, high grain such as above to a softer, smoother and less contrasty approach such as at the top of this post. Again, I need to narrow the theme (and post processing style) going forward.

Another lesson learned? The timing and context both matter. We saw brutal cold weather over the past week here followed by a short spell of clear skies, then rainy and blustery (though warmer) days. During the latter, my work schedule precluded hikes or intentional photo quests. You’ll see some through-a-rainy-window images here and, frankly, these I liked better than the others. There’s something nostalgic, subtle, mysterious and Parisienne about them. That could have been the theme instead.

I’m going to have to give some thought to the lessons learned this past week before jumping into the next project.

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