The Cattle Drive (It Sure Felt Real)


At a recent corporate event in Phoenix last week (see my Southwest post), we were taken out to a ranch on the edge of town (no idea if that’s actually true, but “edge of town” seems like the appropriate expression here) for a cattle drive.  I had assumed it would be a tourist version, something out of a Disney theme park – made to seem real but far from it.


Well, to my surprise and delight… it sure felt real.  The horses were ornery, the cattle were scattered and difficult to herd up, it was hot and dusty and the cowhands (that is the real cowhands) were impatient with us city-folk.  They hollered at us, barking instructions and correcting our inefficiencies.  And I had the theme song from “The Magnificent Seven” playing in my head the entire time.

Black and white treatment for the photos seemed right.



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