Project 7: Clear and Distinct Subject


These are the results of Project 7 in which I was tasked (by Joey) with finding compositions with subjects that are “clear and distinct” and which could be spotted immediately by the viewer.

Did I succeed? His thoughts follow, first about the above shot:

Joey’s Thoughts: What an interesting photograph. I really like the post-processing here. Is it technically perfect? Absolutely not, but that’s okay. There is story here, narrative and plenty of it. What is this man saying? What is he trying to communicate? What is the subject of this photograph? Him, of course!


I may be a little bit biased, but I happen to love the subject of this image. Now, that probably has more to do with the fact that this is an image of my beloved miniature poodle, Bailey, but nevertheless, this image adheres to the rule of thirds well. The dog falls right at the lower-left intersection of the rule of thirds. The transition from lawn to woodland undergrowth occurs, again, at a lower line in the rule of thirds. Although not as strong from a narrative perspective as the above image, this one is also a success.


A little man in a little chair, what else can I say? I love the light in this image. The toys, the cloth behind his head, his outfit, the children’s books next to the decorative plant … they all set the stage for this central character to exist. This is his home, and he is at home in this photograph. Well done.

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