Project 12: Favoring the Simple

Rey Spadoni

Simple is difficult.

The goal this week was to try to present clean, clear compositions.  Ones where complexity gave way to simplicity.  I found this to be a big challenge, partially because I had my camera with me a bit less than usual (ah, life), but also because this is not a style I tend to favor.  I did get something out of this and would like to give it another go, perhaps later in the year.  I think I could stand to gain by focusing on this more as my compositions can be overly filled.  I know I could go the addition by subtraction route and improve.

In addition to the one above, here are my images:

Rey Spadoni
Rey Spadoni
Rey Spadoni

And now Joey’s:

Joey Spadoni
Joey Spadoni
Joey Spadoni
Joey Spadoni

My goal was to have isolated subjects. Aside from Image 3, I think I was successful. Image 3 could be seen as cluttered, but I think it belongs because the patch of light on the stool is in focus and clearly the subject. Image 4 was about capturing the plant and truly detaching it from its world. Instead of accomplishing this in Photoshop, I utilized a shallow depth of field. Image 1 was one I had composed in my mind and then went out specifically to capture it. I thought a street sign seen from below with a stark blue background would be striking. Image 2 was a photograph I stumbled into. I like how the focus is on the glasses, a tool that helps us see, and yet the object the subject is trying to see is unknown and unseen.

Simple, I like simple.


  1. Funny how “simple” things can be so complex depending on how you look at them. Not that it is a contest, but I feel Joey “won” this week. Maybe it is because I have a niece named Natalie and she is brilliant like his blue sky? Or because I agree with his assessment of the glasses photo. Intriguing! Or because I love “isolation” photos of plants/flowers with blurred backgrounds? I do like a good bridge photo and walking paths over water as well. So keep up the great photography guys. Rodney


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