Project 13: Cityscapes


Joey Spadoni

We waited and watched as daylight faded and the artificial city lights illuminated. Boston is such a wonderful city and pursuing this project gave my father and I the opportunity to snap a few portfolio-worthy images that we feel so blessed to be able to showcase and share!

I particularly think my first image is my best one. I set my Fujifilm X-Pro2 up on a tripod and used my Dad’s 35mm f1.4 lens. Locking the ISO at 200 and the aperture at 16, I opened the camera’s shutter for thirty seconds. The movements of the Charles River blend together and the lights on the bridge twinkle like stars.

My second image focuses on this mysterious light source. Perhaps someone was being “beamed up.”

My third and final image provides context. The bridge, the ascending airplane, the skyline, the river, and the road, all important ingredients in our fun night photographing Boston!

Joey Spadoni
Joey Spadoni

And now Rey’s images (and commentary):

Rey Spadoni
Rey Spadoni
Rey Spadoni
Rey Spadoni

This week’s project came down to a single night in town.  Neither of us have ready-made cityscapes at our disposal so we needed to rely on a one shot proposition.  Rain or shine.

We ended up along the Charles River on a brisk but thermally manageable evening, tripods loaded and waiting for the sun to set and lights on the bridge and Copley area skyline (Boston has a few different skylines) to illuminate.  The results are above and, as you can see, there’s much in common with several of our images.  I don’t tend to shoot cityscapes, particularly night ones, in black and white but the monotone image above was my favorite for this particular view.  You’ll note that two of my shots are not of the skyline per se, but rather are grittier, more industrial, and narrower in scope.

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