I was being watched

Deer are reticent creatures. Timid. Typically, when I approach, they depart.

On Sunday, early, as I was headed off to church, I drove by a field that is near my home and where deer will occasionally gather. Historically, any and all attempts by me to get close enough to photograph them have been met with rapid gallops in the opposite direction.

But not on Sunday.

I pulled my car over when I saw a group of them wandering though the field. Because my camera was by my side (one of the side effects of the 52 Projects Project), I grabbed it and jumped out of the car. But instead of running away, they stood and stared. They observed me. Within a few minutes, they began to come closer. Slowly, cautiously.

Questions such as “what if they all begin to charge me?” and “can deer be dangerous?” popped into my mind as I observed them slowly approach. Two of them watched me more intently than the others. They inched forward.

I was being watched.

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