Announcing Project #21

Joey and I are Fujifilm X-Pro 2 shooters; mine’s on the left and his is on the right. Mine has the graphite finish and his is traditional black. Mine is often fitted with my favorite lens: the Fujfiilm 35/1.4. Joey’s is most typically adorned with his favorite: the Mitakon 35/0.95.

The Fujifilm version of the 35 is an autofocus lens that delivers sharp across the frame images, though the 1.4 aperture allows for shallow depth of field shots. The Mitakon is another thing altogether. This manual focus optic opens up, way up, and provides a creamy and dreamy fall off from the main subject. Two lenses, two shooters, two styles.

For the coming week, we’re going to switch lenses, trade places and walk in each other’s shoes.


  1. This project sounds like fun! Can’t wait to see you both come up with. By the way, I really enjoyed this week’s portraits!


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