One, and Then Two

Joey Spadoni

Joey and I have had the opportunity to shoot in some very special places, including inside the Zion Narrows, on the beach in Iceland, atop desert mountains in Death Valley and while hiking into the center of the Grand Canyon.  Through the years, I have always been impressed and surprised by how different our artistic visions have been.  We have stood on the very same spot, pointed our cameras in the direction of a subject or scene and then later, when looking at our images, I see contrasting visions.  Sometimes it’s so different that it seems we were not standing in the same space at all.  This is, of course, art.

This past weekend, on a local trail not far from home, Joey and I came across this extended boardwalk leading to a small island.  In reviewing the images, it’s obvious that we were standing on the precise spot, perhaps just minutes apart.  Yet the images are not the same.  The angle of view, the focal length chosen, the post-processing treatment (most notably the amount of saturation and contrast applied)…

One spot.

Two visions.

Rey Spadoni


  1. Great thought Rey. We can expand that thought to philosophy. You never know what another person is thinking, so be easy on criticism.


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