Spotting a Stone Bridge in Yosemite


Tripod. ND filter. X-Pro2. 16mm lens. With everything I needed to get a great long-exposure image of this interesting scene, I descended from the trail and precariously perched myself atop two rocks. Feeling extra surefooted with my worn out crocs on (sarcasm) I faced the oncoming torrent, ready to capture its raging glory. After a couple of exposures however, I ended up turning around and spotted this interesting bridge. Although the blurred out water is interesting, I find my eyes going right to the bridge in this photograph.

Oftentimes, I find it is so important to have a clear subject in your images, and this stone bridge in Yosemite worked for me in this case.


  1. Really great long exposure photo! Crocs are a great choice for footwear too, ha. This photo has a “mystical” feeling to me. And of course Yosemite is a mystical place. Thanks for sharing Joey! Rodney


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