Project 34: Just One

Rey Spadoni

Rey: The assignment was simple enough.  One photo.  From a cellphone.

Fair.  But I hoped to capture something a little different, unusual, even offbeat.  Something that would look out of place in my library.

Using the newest iPhone’s portrait mode (mono, stage light), I found I was able to isolate subjects by throwing the background into total darkness.  This is an effect that normally takes a great deal of effort to achieve.  Apple’s computational wizardry renders the effect nicely, though imperfectly.

Here, Gabriel was mid-action and I was able to capture a pose that fit my objective: unusual… offbeat.

I look forward to picking up a proper camera again for next week’s assignment.

Joey Spadoni

Joey: iPhone picture? That’ll be easy, or so I thought. There was a time, circa 2013, when my iPhone 4 captured many gorgeous sunsets and interesting compositions. However, iPhonography hasn’t been a focus of mine for many years now and subsequently my ability to utilize the tiny sensor and 28mm native lens has suffered.

I thought this reflection was interesting and since this a picture of a mirror, the iPhone itself is a key part of the composition, which is ironic. Perhaps I’ll spend more time using my camera phone in the future…or perhaps not. Like my dad, I’m excited to get back to my trusted X-Pro2 for next week’s assignment.

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