Project 39: Long Exposure

“Being There” Joey Spadoni, iPhone XR

The rhythmic flow of the ocean, wave crashing after wave, drew us to its sandy shores once again. Cameras in hand, we set up camp on a small sand dune thirty feet away from the shore. We hoisted our tripods high and gingerly walked through the deepening water until we reached our desired destination. From the dune, there were vantage points aplenty and we gratefully enjoyed an artistic breather from our fast-paced, go go go lives of deadlines and todos. To pause, to be present, to appreciate the moment; we tried to utilize our cameras to capture some of this oceanic solace for our loyal blog followers, however, I know we feel short. No picture, no video, no not even a Snapchat, can capture how it feels to be at the beach. So, I encourage all those who can to go to the water’s edge before the summer says farewell just like we did!

“To Walk” Joey Spadoni, X-Pro2


Rey adds:

I’ll always find something from the shoreline but then I’ve added something a bit more urban, gritty and monotone as well.

Rey Spadoni, Lumix G95
Rey Spadoni, Fujifilm X-Pro2

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