October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Prayer for Healing for Victims of Domestic Violence

Lord, I adore you and give you thanks for creating me to be just who I am. You created me to enjoy the fullness of life, Your life in me.

Heal me of any incidents of abuse in my life or in the lives of my children that have made us feel unworthy or inferior.

Heal us of all experiences of abuse in our home that have made us feel guilty and ashamed, that have caused us to reject ourselves and to lose hope.

Surround me with Your light, Jesus, and penetrate the very depths of my being with that light. Let there remain no areas of darkness in me or in my children, but transform our whole being with the healing light of Your love.

Open me completely to receive Your love, Jesus.

— Adapted from Prayer for Family Healing, http://www.faithleap.org

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