Project 51: Celts

Rey Spadoni

This was supposed to be a test of some of the longer Fujifilm lenses… and the autofocus capabilities of my X-Pro2.  What better place to do so from the corner loge section in Boston Garden?  Well… that was the plan.

Rey Spadoni

Of course, a five minute jaunt through google would have proven illuminating.  All I can say is: thankfully, we parked close by.

My bag filled with camera equipment was rejected at the front door by security.  No bags in the stadium.  Of course.  Should have known better.  So, back to the car we went… at a brisk pace… and then back to the Garden just in time for the tip-off.

So, it’s all iPhone photos this week.  And though none of them will be confused with the results from a modern digital set-up, I am impressed with the optical and digital zooming capabilities of the iPhone.  Bottom line: cell phone pictures are good in a pinch and this could be the year of the Celtics.

Rey Spadoni
Rey Spadoni
Rey Spadoni
Rey Spadoni

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