All Thanks to a Magic Battery

Yes, the camera is old. Yes, I probably hadn’t charged the battery in months. No, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. . . .


With my need for a study break growing, I picked up my old x100s camera and ventured forth on a new hiking trial with my father. We enjoyed the sunshine and the brisk-winter air.

We came upon a partially-frozen puddle reflecting the setting sun; I reached for my camera and flicked the on switch. To my dismay, a battery indicated that had been full a moment before, suddenly flashed red. The camera powered down before the viewfinder every reached my eye. Angered at first, I gradually accepted the defeat and resolved myself to simply appreciate the beautiful scene.

We lingered in the spot as my father took photographs. Eventually, and I’m not even sure why, I decided to try turning on my battery-depleted camera. To my amazement, the old camera powered on. I quickly snapped a few images and then turned it off.

Maybe it was magic! Who knows, I’m just glad it powered on so I could capture the impressive winter sunset.

I was able to repeat this magic trick a few more times during the hike.



Thank you, magic battery!

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