Note to self: NEVER AGAIN!

I set Gabriel into the car seat, secured him in and then proceeded to drive away from the nature hike we had just enjoyed together. He likes stories and so I proceeded to tell him one about encountering deer along our trek (he kept asking if we were going to see any animals… we didn’t); my story was intended to provide what had been missing from an otherwise memorable afternoon.

I was engrossed in the tale, as was he, but I did notice as I drove that there was a strange buzzing, vibrating noise coming from the roof of my car. Or was it coming from the trunk? Or engine? Or underneath? Hard to tell.

After probably three miles of sharp turns and quick accelerations, I decided to pull over and check.

Lo and behold, I found my camera (and the most expensive lens I own) atop the roof of my car… right where I had placed it. I originally thought it had slid back from where I had set it down but the picture I took suggests that it had moved only very slightly.

This Fujifilm X-Pro2 is from the original manufacturing batch after first introduced. It’s a jewel workhorse beast. The 16/1.4 is considered one of or maybe perhaps the very best of the Fujifilm X line of lenses. This camera, originally owned by me and then shot by Joey for many years, has been on some amazing adventures around the globe. It’s in perfect working condition and had just come back into my possession a few days ago.

And it was almost sent into pieces and doomed to near eternity along the side of the road.

How did it not going flying off the car?

Note to self…

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