Before and behind me on the Brewster Flats

Rey Spadoni

My time was short out on the Flats as my forthcoming surprise visit was pending and the weather was threatening. I took comfort in the fact that the tide was still headed out and my escape to shore was clearly defined. This time out, I had a tripod and neutral density filters, a long-exposure calculator and remote shutter release. Despite the shortage of time, I had an abundance of preparation.

Rey Spadoni

Just as the light was becoming more interesting and a magenta hue began its surround, I felt the rain drops. And the sky, in some places, began an ominous warning with opaque and agitated clouds. I surveyed the scene, spotted my car some 4,000 feet away and… yeah, time to head back.

But as I moved with purpose to prevent being caught in the downpour, I saw what lie behind the Flats.

And though they are not the dramatic, long-exposure images I sought, these do a better job in capturing the mood and experience.

Rey Spadoni
Rey Spadoni

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