George, Breonna, Ahmaud…

Today, we consider the tragic wounds left by a legacy of racism in our country. Black Americans have faced many unique and lasting hardships.

Some will say: “Me and my ancestors are not responsible for slavery and therefore I’m not going to apologize.”

We say that we are sorry for slavery, which is a form of connection and empathy.

Some will say: “Black lives matter. But so too do all lives.”

We say that black lives matter and that does not mean other lives do not. Black lives matter is the movement stemming from the specific hardships black people face. Those hardships are real.

Some will say: “I’m not racist and I’d like to tell you how and why I’m not racist.”

We say that now is the time to listen and learn. Now is the time to challenge our beliefs and to be open to the possibility that we don’t always know what we don’t know.

At ComposingCatholic, we have taken some time away from posting. We have paused and reflected and tried to listen.

The wounds remain and they are deep. They are not going to heal without understanding and action. We are going to try to make a difference.

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